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Oh Hi! These are my working notes which I am mostly writing for myself. Whilst there are many answers to Why Make Notes and many to Not Do It. I do it, to think and understand better, by collecting-organizing-connecting ideas in form of Digital Notes. This ongoing project is heavily inspired by worlds of PKM and Digital Gardens

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Each Note is connected to others via links, like this one to About Page. Sometimes you may find a link to [[ unreachable note ]] meaning it’s currently work in progress and might be published soon.

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This website respects you. Your privacy and attention. So, You will never see any ads. You will never be annoyed by any pop-ups asking you cookie permissions or interrupted by a computer program to test if your a human (ah, the irony). The site aims to follow the principles of ethical design and web fundamentals.

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🚧 Gentle Disclaimer

All the words and code here is by me, unless stated otherwise. All writing done here is with a positive intent to understand. I try my best to avoid errors, deadlinks or any other form of mis/dis-information that might’ve creeped in cause of Psychological Biases or general ignorance. Whenever I make any claim I also make sure to investigate it and include the sources.

Again, I am no expert, these are merely my thoughts and opinions. If you do find any errors, have suggestions or want to fight over something you disagree with or wish to send personalized insults, feel free to do so.