2022 January


Blog : I’m a Tomorrowman / frantic.im

“You know what? – says my brain – Tomorrow is a much better time to finish this …. You’ll be more inspired and refreshed. You’ll have more time and will make this … perfect. Tomorrow it will be much easier ….”

  • Why do I feel this everyday!

Note Taking Journey

Blog : phonetonote - my personal note taking journey

  • I’ve been trying to figure out How and Why Make Notes for sometime now. It was fun reading how others approach the same.

Nudes on Retro PC?

Blog : Nude Pictures on early Retro PCs — Was it Possible? | by Dmitrii Eliuseev | Dev Genius

  • Above is Safe For Work article discussing in great detail about the software and hardware available at the time to figure out an answer to the question.

The Internet changed my life

Blog : The Internet Changed My Life - Pointers Gone Wild

  • Talks about the experiences of [[ Growing up on the Internet ]] and how that impacted the overall life in general.
  • Writers personal story of struggle, hope and success. One of the bests pieces I’ve read this month!

New Baseline for Web Dev

RIP Rythm

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