2022 March

Write Plain Text

Blog : Write plain text files - Derek Sivers

Every device, including ones long gone, and ones not invented yet, can read and edit plain text.

  • [[ Derek Sivers ]] makes and an excellent point to using plain text files instead of proprietary over which the user has little to no control over.
  • Why Plain Text ?
    • Portable, Non-commercial, Offline, No Dependencies, Easily Convertible.

Data Religions ?

Video : Datareligions: Religions of the Future - YouTube

Right Way to Plug USB

Video : Never Plug in a USB Wrong EVER Again - YouTube

  • I was Today Years Old when I found out this. Its just that blocked side goes to the bottom, as simple as that.

Why print a is different from handwritten a ?

Video : Why are there two a’s? - YouTube

Bad Eyesight

Video : Bad Eyesight Before Glasses: What Did People Do? - YouTube

Modular Electronics

Video : Pockit: A tiny, powerful, modular computer (2022 demo) - YouTube

  • Its hard to believe its all but one mans effort, I just wonder if more companies focused on this type of modularity and started making consumer electronics, I only know of Framework Laptops.
  • I just want this device so bad. Even though I don’t really have a use case for it, and even if I did I just couldn’t get one anyways.

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