Setting Up This Site

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About the Build

I am still figuring stuff out and this site is constantly being tweaked and updated.

I used this template, site is hosted remotely on GitHub and deployed to Netlify. Writing words using obsidian. Writing code using [[ VS Code ]].

Also see Setting Up This Site.

Why This Site

Uses digital-garden-jekyll-template

  • As it Works with obsidian without any extra setup.
  • Can have almost-all1 the functionality of jekyll.

Uses Emoji as Favicon

What is a Favicon ?

Tiny Icon that appears on the browser tab where website is open. It's mostly used for identifying and distinguishing one website from another, aka branding.

Why Emoji as Favicon ?

What's better way to graphically present most information in least space than an Emoji. Given that, Favicons are (16x16)px which is restricting for graphical logos, but that's good enough for single text character also emoji.

I first learned about using smaller and simpler icons from a website that runs on solar power and their process of logo design.It's fast, reliable, saves bandwidth, and it works, what more can one ask!

After some speculation, settled on thought-bubble-emoji for a few reasons. Given its basically white shape with black border it's easily distinguishable regardless of any color theme. It's probably one of the fewest emoji's that looks same on all platforms. But Most importantly, It matches the theme of the site.

Setting Emoji as Favicon

How To Use an Emoji as a Favicon Easily - CSS-Tricks

For Future Reference

Known Issues

  • Change Heading to Appropriate Sizes and add Indentation.
  • Fix details-summary tag issue with headings. try this also this.

To Do List

  • Code Blocks with line numbers link.
  • Autogenerated Table of Contents.
  • Reading Time for posts and notes.
  • Add Dark Mode.
  • Test and Improve Accessibility.

Imporve Interactive Graph

Might be Useful

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  1. Some site variables, paginator stuff isn’t working as it should. Probably because of this template using _notes instead of _posts

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