I am Lucky

I am lucky that, I don’t have to worry about the next meal, or clean drinking water, or access to education, or access to information or internet. I don’t have to worry about accidently getting shot in head while going out of the house. And There are many in this world for whom these scenarios are everyday reality.

There is no inherent reason, that I get a good life and someone else doesn’t. Most, if not all of it just boils down to being born in a particular geographic location and into a particular demographic. The random probability of being born here rather than there deciding the pretty much the entire trajectory of life is Simply Unfair.

I wish for a world without this difference.

Earn to Give

I’ve had some mixed thoughts about work-money relation. On one hand, The idea of working for money didn’t appeal to me for a very long time. I only wished to do work that actually made the world better. I despise the consumeristic approach to life, and Hedonic Treadmill that follows. I am [[ Minimalist ]] in some way, I rarely desire newest-hottest-fanciest stuff. I think I’ll be pretty happy with even with little. Once Basics are out of the way, I don’t want to make any more money.

But on other hand, I am formally a business student. I find joy in understanding how companies/people make money. The art and science of making money has always been intriguing, to me and to all of humanity. It’s no doubt having more money is basically more freedom. Freedom to choose, anything and everything. Even to choose not to work, at all. I want this kind of freedom.

I always thought, there will come a day where, I would have to chose one over other, if not settle for something in between. Lately, I’ve been learning and thinking about Effective Altruism and it is so appealing. The premise is simple, Earn More to Give More. Now, I can be greedy in a way to earn as much as I can, to give as much as I can.

How much and Whom to give ?

I am still a student and don’t yet earn anything. So “Who to give” question not a priority until I actually start earning, But I wish to give in a way that produces maximum good locally and to non-profits whose cause I strongly believe in.

How much to give? as a remainder to self 25% of whatever I earn annually as lower boundary. And for the upper one To define is to limit. For the coming years, goal will be to at least give the lower and keep pushing upper.

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