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Obsessions are really fasinating in themselves as different people are gravitated towards different things and most of the time there isn’t really a clear reason to why is that the case.

Rajnikanth Fandom in Japan

Vice : Why Japan is Obsessed with this Indian Actor - YouTube

  • This is a story of an ordinary Japanese Guy, who randomly stumbed upon a tamil movie by rajnikanth oneday.
  • He started watching more and more tamil movies, this helped in growing appreciation for India, and South Indian Food as well.
  • Even went ahead and brought an Auto, in praise of some movie where rajnikanth plays an auto driver.
  • Thinks rajnikanth to be his matchmaker as well, as he came across his wife by share intererst.
  • He Got to meet rajnikanth twice.
  • Guy looks wholesome and has simple motives of introducing more janapnese people to indian movies.

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